Pasadena Bus Stop-Full Frame 16:9

Pasadena Bus Stop Lately I’ve been experimenting with a format aspect ratio of 16:9. My camera (Lumix LX5) produces files that are not only appear wider but are larger (more pixels) at 16:9, than 3:2. So I thought it might be a good idea to try it out. Took this Fri. 4/25. Tried playing around with cropping it 10 different ways, but thought Full Frame was the best. I just couldn’t crop out the way the window opens up perfectly to the upper left corner. I used Manual focus, so when the guy just suddenly turned for a second I captured it.


Metro Rapid Line 780-Hill St. Pasadena

Metro Rapid Line 780-Hill St. Pasadena

This Bus starts at Hill St., and finishes it’s run at the Washington/Fairfax Transit Hub. Goes thru Glendale, and Los Feliz. It’s only about 15 minutes or so faster than the Metro Local 180/181, to Hollywood, I know, because I’ve taken them both. Happy trails! Here is more info:

Il Fornaio at One Colorado, Pasadena

ifornaio P1060413Click images

This is only a small part of One Colorado, There’s a new Anthropologie Store, Gap, Crate and Barrel, J Crew, M A C Cosmetics, Sephora, Patagonia, and Many others. The most unique store is called The Gold Bug, you’ll know what I mean when you see. Check website for more on:

I often come to Il Fornaio (which is a world class Italian Restaurant. One of the very best, and classiest places to enjoy delicious fine Italian cuisine, in all of So-Cal. Top-notch, to be sure),  to enjoy one of their daily specials, usually a fabulous salad for only $6, on Wednesday’s and Friday’s 11:30AM to 4:00PM. You get your choice of Spinach or Mixed Greens and up to 5 items tossed in just for you by their excellent staff, choice of dressings and other add-on’s. Everything most people could want. I park at the One Colorado Parking Garage which is on just the other side of Fair Oaks Ave.. Parking can be validated for up to 3 hours. Il Fornaio has nice happy hour offerings too, including  slashing prices on pizza and drink specials. 4:00PM to 7:00PM, M-F.  40 years, 22 locations in 4 states.  At this location since 1993.