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PHOTOGRAPHER My Credo: "Lighting takes precedence over Subject, but the moment is Supreme." -Kevin Perttula Started age 10. Began developing my own Black and White by age 11, through trial and error. In High School, was already helping other kids in photo class, "get it". Had a nice run in San Diego after jettisoning Athletic Scholarship (football) to pursue my first love. I was young, talented, and hungry to prove myself (see my blog). Then I moved to L A and I was relegated to testing models. It was so competitive there! Paying work, beyond real small stuff, was so difficult to get, and I didn't have enough money to make it happen in a big way, and was unable to travel due to family obligations (as well as family disapproval of my career choice), so I was forced down the path of traditional artist (redemption from pain, anguish, and frustration through hard work, intense focus, and digging deep creatively with little or no reward, toiling in obscurity for decades). I decided to try to turn a negative situation into a positive one, which includes creating a sort of online public repository, to inspire interested individuals. with a collection of Original Photography, which all can enjoy, that was generated via love and desire, with my heart, from my source. What I'm sharing on the internet is only the tip of the Iceberg, so to speak.

Moon Rise Over Old Town


It is my pleasure to share with you this picture, which I captured while on a walk along Colorado Blvd., on a beautiful October evening. The intersection is Fair Oaks Ave.. when I saw this scene, not only did it catch me by suprise, it stirred an emotion deep within me. I felt very fortunate to have a camera loaded with Fuji 400 speed color negative film. This frame was captured at 1/15th of a second, handheld. Hope you enjoy it!


Summer Sunset

p1170416bThis is the corner of De Lacey and Colorado Blvd., in the heart of Old Town Pasadena.  Forever 21, Crate & Barrel, Diesel fashion, along with the 21 Choices Ice Cream-Frozen Yogurt shop, are some the businesses featured in this picture. Right behind where I’m standing is Tiffany’s jewelry store. Buca Di Beppo Italian restaurant is 1 block the opposite direction on De Lacey and Green Sts..  so many other places to mention, I just don’t have time to right now….more later.

Since the time I took this picture, I have taken several more Stunning sunset images, on different afternoons, and angles, which I’m looking forward to sharing with you soon, both on this blog,  AND on my Photo Art Gallery Blog. Beautiful sunsets like this are just one of the many reasons people love to visit and live here! Happy Holidays!

Old Town Pasadena Shopping Experience


I was standing on the sidewalk, in front of One Colorado West of Fair Oaks Ave., looking East when I captured this. There is so much awaiting you here.  For instance, the Apple Computer Store is 90 degrees to the right of where I was standing, across the street. Atmosphere galore. Lot’s of fashion, food, and fun for everyone, every where you look, for blocks and blocks.Urban Outfitters, Zara, Nike Store, Vince as you can see in the photo, Banana Republic, Tiffany & Co., to name a few,  and if that’s not enough then The Paseo Colorado Shopping District, a huge Mall type experience with many more stores and restaurants is right own the Boulevard. a 1/2 mile.

Pasadena Transit Updates, Plus a Restaurant Tip

501pasadenaCorner of Union and Raymond Avenues in Pasadena. 1 block N of Colorado Blvd..  This intersection is actually the next one looking from the direction of my last post, which is looking up Raymond Ave., from Colorado Blvd. You can recognize the buildings architecture in both pictures.  This is the end of the line (last stop) for Foothill Transit Line 187, which originates about 35 miles East at Montclair Transit Center.

Los Angeles Metro Express Line 501 (see the sign near the top left corner),  just started service March 1st. It starts at Del Mar Station, then it stops here and a couple of other stops in Pasadena, as well as a couple of stops in Glendale and one in Burbank,  before it whisks it’s passengers to North Hollywood Metro Red Line Station (time estimate 35-55 minute, depending on traffic) where you can connect to either the Orange Line to the west San Fernando Valley, or the Red Line towards Downtown Los Angeles. Scheduling is every 15 minutes rush-hour and 30 minutes off-rush-hour. Last run is 9:00 PM. I’m happy for the people who need this because if someone needed to go the San Fernando Valley from Pasadena before Metro  Bus Express  #501, they would have to take the Gold Line all the way Downtown to Union Station, then take the Metro Red Line all the way to the valley.  Or take a snail slow bus to Hollywood and then figure out the best way to  the SFV from there, both of those options are HUGE time wasters. BRAVO METRO!!

One last transit update here;  Tomorrow, Saturday, March 5th, 2016, Metro Gold Line opens NEW stations in Arcadia, Monrovia, Duarte, Irwindale, and Azusa. The Gold Line Memorial Park Station is about 2 blocks from where this photo is taken.

California Chutney Restaurant (across the street) is a healthy and reasonably priced alternative. They have a chicken tikka tacos for $3 each special on Tuesdays.  Made with Naan flat bread, like a soft taco made with delicious soft fresh baked flat Indian style bread. Add some greens and a choice of different flavors on top, (spicy, sweet, yogurt dressing etc.). I enjoyed it.