Los Angeles

Bio: PHOTOGRAPHER My Credo: "Lighting takes precedence over Subject, but the moment is Supreme." -Kevin Perttula Started age 10. Began developing my own Black and White by age 11, through trial and error. In High School, was already helping other kids in photo class, "get it". Had a nice run in San Diego after jettisoning Athletic Scholarship (football) to pursue my first love. I was young, talented, and hungry to prove myself (see my kevinperttulapublishedwork.wordpress.com blog). Then I moved to L A and I was relegated to testing models. It was so competitive there! Paying work, beyond real small stuff, was so difficult to get, and I didn't have enough money to make it happen in a big way, and was unable to travel due to family obligations (as well as family disapproval of my career choice), so I was forced down the path of traditional artist (redemption from pain, anguish, and frustration through hard work, intense focus, and digging deep creatively with little or no reward, toiling in obscurity for decades). I decided to try to turn a negative situation into a positive one, which includes creating a sort of online public repository, to inspire interested individuals. with a collection of Original Photography, which all can enjoy, that was generated via love and desire, with my heart, from my source. What I'm sharing on the internet is only the tip of the Iceberg, so to speak.

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